South Hill Centre (SHC) is the name of both the Charity and the Building which is the headquarters and operational centre for much of the work of the charity.
The charity SHC was established and registered in 2004 by its parent charity ‘South Hill Church’ with the objective of developing a new multi-purpose facility in the centre of Hemel Hempstead to provide a broad range of services and facilities for the benefit of the community.
The Centre campus which is adjacent to the town centre is also the location of SHC’s purpose built Early Years Children's Centre the home of ‘Young Discoverers Pre-school’.
This unit also accommodates a facility for Heath Lane Nursery Children's Club. The centre is also the home for South Hill Church.

   The charity's aims are to be:

        ÷ A centre for social development and well-being.Be a centre for social development and well-being.

        ÷ Improve social care, particularly for the less advantaged.

        ÷ Improve the quality of life and develop future generations of people in our community.

        ÷ Help promote an active and socially integrated community.

        ÷ Develop skills and employability within the local community.

        ÷ Provide facilities and activities to give support to local agencies, businesses and charities

        ÷ A positive link between the Church and the local community.



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